Why Choose Eye Hospital in Ghaziabad & Greater Noida​?

Vedanta Netarlya Clinics are centres for advanced Cataract and Retina Surgery. Now our Eye Care Clinic Available in Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Hapur Roorkee & Haldwani.


Experienced Doctors from AIIMS and TOP institutions

Most of our doctors are experienced of more than 10 years and experience of thousands of surgeries. We have different specialist surgeons like Cataract, Retina, LASIK and Galucoma Surgeons.


Advanced Technology and Equipments

Vedanta clinics has world most advanced machines for diagnosis, treatment and surgery. We have advanced operation theatre with highest machines for Cataract and Retina surgery.


Treatment method with international guidelines

Our patients are always given treatment on preferred practice pattern with international standard lines with huge experience of our Doctors.


Digitalised and safe health record

All our clinics use advanced software for clinic data management which helps us in research and improvement in our patients eye health.


Affordable and quality Eye services

We have optimized and calculated fees for all procedures and surgeries so that we can reach to every section of society.


Counselling and Patient assistance

Vedanta netralya clinics have trained counsellors who explain all procedures and queries of patients to satisfy them.

Our Services

we provide surgical treatment of all aspects of eye diseases. Our experienced surgeons utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide our patients best surgical results.


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About Us​

Welcome to Vedanta Netralya

Vedanta Netralya clinics, group of Eye hospitals with aim of giving quality Eye care to every section of society. We have specialists with expertise from renowned institute like AIIMS and other topmost institutes. Vedanta Netralya Clinics are Day care Surgical Centers for advanced Eye Surgery in hands of Best Eye surgeons. We have specialized eye clinics for different Eye Specialty under one roof like cataract ,Retina , Glaucoma squint at different location with topmost and modernized technology . We have team of Best Eye Doctors who are not only best Eye Surgeons and clinicians ,but always eager to upgrade with new technology to give our patients best treatment .

vedanta Netralya clinics are an initiative of AIIMS ALUMINI who are managed by Best Eye Specialists who are also partner of these Clinics. It is our professional approach , advanced technology, specialists under one roof with utmost care of patients, make us one of the Best Eye care clinics in a short span of time.

Meet Our Eye Specialist Doctors

Vedanta Netralya clinics, group of Eye hospitals are unique place, which consists of nice and always supportive staff, a certified group of specialists.

Best eye hospital in Ghaziabad

Dr. Vibhuti Sharan


Senior Lasik and Cataract Surgeon

Best eye hospital in Ghaziabad

Dr. Davinder Tyagi


Senior Retina Surgeon

Best eye hospital in Ghaziabad

Dr. Deepti Mittal


Glaucoma Specialist

Best eye hospital in Ghaziabad

Dr. Kanhaya Mittal


Senior Retina Specialist

Best eye hospital in Ghaziabad

Dr. Manan Kaushik


Cataract and Cornea Specialist

Walk in walk out Eye care

Vedanta Netralya clinics has Eye specialists under one roof available six days in a week so that you can walk in without appointment and get yours Eye Treatment in short time . surgeries are also Day care so that short admission of 2-3 hours is needed.

No appointment needed

You can simply walk in and get yours eye examined and get free within 30 min. to 60 min.

Availability of Doctors

We have Doctors and optometrists available throughout the day.only specialist clinics has fixed days.

Day Care Surgery

All Eye surgery are day care surgeries. Short stay of 2hr to 3hrs is required.No admission needed.

Patients Testimonial

Our Patients valuable reviews for us. See what they said about our Eye Hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our comprehensive approach to patient care means that your care can be managed all under one roof. See what patients usually ask about their problems.

Cataract Surgery facility is available at Greater Noida Centre, also at Ghaziabad centre.

If vision is blurred even after glasses, Then it is right time to get cataract surgery done. Now, with advance technique, cataract surgery can be done in any season.
Vedanta Hospitals has team of Retina Specilists who are expetises in Diabetic Retinopathy treatment.

Yes, Green laser for Retina disseses is available.

Yes, LASIK Surgery can be done in Vedanta.

Lens are chosen according to your requirement ams a lens must be hydrophobic and minimal chances of after cataract formation and smallest incision needed for Lens insertion inside Eye.