Dr. Davinder Tyagi

Dr. Davinder Tyagi ( Senior Surgeon-Retina and Cataract)

PROFILE - Dr. Davinder Tyagi ( Senior Surgeon-Retina and Cataract)

Dr. Davinder Tyagi the best eye doctor in ghaziabad is an AIIMS alumini and eminent and high volumic senior Surgeon ( Retina and Cataract) in Ghaziabad western UP and NCR .He did his postgraduation in ophthalmology and
( Vitroretina training from Dr. R.P. centre, AIIMS (DELHI) .

Dr. Davinder Tyagi started medical retina and retina surgery in 2007 after completing his tenure in AIIMS.

Dr. Davinder Tyagi started retina centre in vardan retina centre, in vardaan Netra chikitsalya rajnagar, Ghaziabad in 2007. Now, vardan retina is an established retina centre in western UP and NCR and ony centre for high volumic retina surgeries in this region. It is referral centre for retina surgery in ghaziabad from all over periphery in western UP.

He started Retina surgery in Haldwani , kumaon region uttrakhand first time in 2007 in EYEQ Superspacilty hospital. For last 10 yrs, he has done 1000 of Retina surgeries there and earned faith in that hilly region and treated patients of retina diseases who had to travel to delhi previously.

He has been incharge of all retina centre of EYEQ superspaecilty hospitals in Meerut, Mujjafarnagar, Saharanpur, haldwani for last 10 yrs and has done number of surgeries at every region.

He is a founding team member of Vedanta Netralya Eye centres which was started in 2017 in Haldwani . He Recently Established Vedanta Netralya in Ghaziabad and shortly
held ratings of being one of the best eye hospital in ghaziabad . To know more about him click on Dr. Davinder Tyagi

Dr. Davinder Tyagi performing eye surgery at Vedanta Netralya.

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