How Smile Laser Eye Medical Procedure Functions

How lasik works by vedanta netralya ghaziabad

How Smile Laser Eye Medical Procedure Functions

How Smile Laser Eye Functions

How Smile Laser Eye Medical Procedure Functions

In case you’re thinking about having a laser eye medical procedure, it’s solitary common that you’ll need to get as much data as you can about the system and how it functions. There are various diverse medicines accessible these days, every one of which utilizes a marginally unique strategy. At Vedanta Netralya Ghaziabad, we offer LASER, LASIK and SMILE laser medical procedures, and in the accompanying post, we’ll investigate how every strategy attempts to help set you up for what’s in store.

Smile laser eye medical procedure

How about we start with ReLEx SMILE laser eye adjustment? This is a bladeless, insignificantly obtrusive type of keyhole laser eye medical procedure, which is a standout among the most inventive and inventively propelled types of laser eye treatment accessible today. The medical procedure includes a cutting-edge Carl Zeiss VisuMax laser which is famous for being incredibly exact.

Advantages of this innovation include:

  • Patients just need to focus on a light for a couple of moments
  • Eye drying out is limited
  • Treatment is fast

Amid the treatment, an accomplished ophthalmic specialist will coordinate the laser on the focal point of the cornea. The arrangement of heartbeats that are created will result in small air pockets, 1/100th of the width of a strand of human hair, framing a framework around the cornea. The laser at that point creates a minor associating burrow, through which your specialist will attract out a tissue to change the cornea’s shape. This laser eye medical procedure strategy doesn’t include a fold being made, so there is no danger of fold entanglements.

Smile Lasik is one option that we offer our patients to create an excellent vision and eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses. At Vedanta Netralya, Ghaziabad, the best-rated eye clinic in Ghaziabad, we specialize exclusively in all versions of Lasik laser vision correction. As one of the very few practices that specialize exclusively in this subspecialty, we have the expertise, technology, trained staff, and superb doctor to bring you the best vision possible. You will notice the detailed knowledge and compassion each time you interact with us. You will also be meeting with Dr, Davinder Tyagi the highly regarded eye surgeon in Ghaziabad each and every time you come to visit, from the first consultation through your procedure and all of your post-treatment visits.

Some Facts Regarding Smile Laser Eye Treatment 

Smile is shorthand for “Small Incision Lenticular Extraction”.

ReLex is shorthand for “Refractive Lenticular Extraction”.

Both of these names refer to the small lens, or lenticule, which is removed from the central part of the cornea.

Who can undergo Smile Laser Procedure

Every Person cant undergo a smile Lasik procedure Only certain prescriptions are suitable for Smile.
Dr Davinder Tyagi will determine and discuss your suitability during your personal consultation with him.


The vision results from Smile are equivalent to the results obtained with all-laser, wavefront Lasik.

Recovery from Smile

A. Patients walk out of the laser room immediately after Smiling and are able to drive and go to work the very next day. However, the return to 20/20 vision is slower with Smile than with Lasik. Most Lasik patients experience 20/20 vision the very next day, while with Smile this can take several weeks.

Does Smile Hurt 

Smiling is a pain-free procedure.


Learn More About Smile Laser and Your Eyes Contact Vedanta Netralya at +91-9873518513 and set up an appointment with Dr Davinder Tyagi, a well-known retina specialist in Ghaziabad and an expert eye surgeon in Ghaziabad.


About Dr Davinder Tyagi: Dr Davinder Tyagi the best eye doctor in Ghaziabad is an AIIMS alumni and eminent and high volumic senior Surgeon ( Retina and Cataract) in Ghaziabad western UP and NCR. He did his postgraduation in ophthalmology and ( Vitroretina training from Dr R.P. centre, AIIMS (DELHI). Dr Davinder Tyagi started medical retina and retina surgery in 2007 after completing his tenure at AIIMS.

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