An Introduction to Laser Cataracts Surgery: Meaning, Benefits, & Treatment

Laser Eye Treatment in Greater Noida

The vision system is among the most sensitive organ systems in our body. Even a slight defect in the system can lead to multiple issues in vision. A cataract is a common eye disorder that affects numerous people in their lifespan. Cataract causes the eye lens to cloud and becomes blurry, causing the images reflected on the retina to appear unclear. One of the most practical ways to find relief from cataract issues is getting laser cataract surgery. This blog details the surgery and its benefits in detail.

What Is Laser Cataract Surgery?

In laser cataract surgery, the clouded lens of your eyes is carefully removed and replaced by an artificial one that provides better and clear vision to you. A costly outpatient procedure is considered safer than traditional surgery that uses a scalpel.

A detailed eye examination can help you identify a cataract in the eye. Furthermore, depending on the severity of your condition, the surgeon will determine if laser cataract surgery is appropriate for you. The artificial lens that is inserted in the place of the natural lens is called an intraocular lens. There are different kinds of these depending on the patient’s need, such as monofocal, multifocal and newer multifocal IOL.

Benefits Of Laser Cataract Surgery

One of the best advantages of opting for laser cataract surgery is that it is more precise and effective than the traditional counterpart. Additionally, in laser surgery, the incision is made with a laser compared to that of a blade in the traditional one. Therefore, there is quicker and better healing after laser surgery. Moreover, the lesser amount of ultrasound energy in the process influences reduced inflammation.

The Best Treatment Option for Cataract

Considering all these points, laser cataract surgery is indeed the best treatment choice for cataracts. If you are searching for the best eye hospital that provides optimum-level eye surgeries, then Vedanta Netralya Clinics is ideal. A hospital that was founded by AIIMS alumni DR. Davinder Tyagi, Dr. Pallavee and Mr. Pradeep with the mission of providing quality eye care, it is the best destination for laser cataract surgery. You can get in touch with the clinic by writing to or calling +91-9873518513. It is also possible to conveniently book an online appointment from their website.

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