What To Do During A Glaucoma Attack?

What to Do During a Glaucoma Attack

Eye health is a very important aspect of the overall well-being of a human being. There are different kinds of eye defects that may cause permanent damage to your vision. So, awareness about these conditions and their symptoms, as well as the first step to the solution, should always be a priority. This article briefly discusses how to diagnose and react to a glaucoma attack.

What Is Meant By Glaucoma Attack?

Glaucoma is a serious health disorder that affects the eye. It causes significant damage to your optic nerve because of a rise in intraocular pressure. Though old age triggers this issue in most cases, it is also possible because of an eye injury.

A Glaucoma attack is when a person’s eye is severely affected by glaucoma that aggravates rapidly. It is a medical emergency where the intraocular pressure in the eye increases drastically in about an hour. If not attended to as soon as possible, it can permanently damage the eyesight.


But how do you seek medical help if you don’t know what are the symptoms of this disorder? So, here are the most seen symptoms of a glaucoma attack for your information.

  1. Shooting pain in the eye
  2. Sudden pressure or discomfort in the eye
  3. Blurry vision
  4. Sudden headache
  5. Spots in the vision
  6. Irritation in the eye
  7. Redness of eyes
  8. Sudden hypersensitivity to light
  9. Halos in vision
  10. Sudden temporary blindness


Glaucoma attacks are treated by taking measures to reduce the intraocular pressure on the eye. There are different kinds of medications that are administered for this purpose, and they depend on the severity of the condition and the bodily reaction. Surgery is only performed on patients who have an underlying issue of a cataract.


So, a glaucoma attack is a serious emergency that requires immediate care in order to prevent permanent vision loss. If you experience any of the symptoms, you should seek medical care immediately.

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